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Originally Posted by Love4himies View Post
He may not look like a kitten anymore, but he is. He has reached his "teenage years" , and you know what those are like. Full of the devil. .

The water bottle and bitter spray is a good idea, picking him up by the scruff could hurt him, though, you could pull his shoulder muscles.

It sounds like he is bored and has a lot of energy to spend, so you have two choices that may help him "behave".

1. Play with him a lot to tire him out, or;
2. Get him a playmate that is about the same age as him to keep him occupied.

BTW male cats at this age are very social.
I agree with the picking him up by the scruff of the neck, it's not a good idea. I was told by my vet that not only could it hurt his shoulder muscles, but you can actually tear tissue under the skin.
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