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Some people will say to only use the florets of the broccoli but I think that is a waste. I use the whole head of the broccoli, but I keep the stem and florets separated since they will cook differently. Also, I keep the florets aside for the colour and texture.

1) A small potato that has been peeled and cut into fairly big chunks, since I am not using it right away I am keeping it covered with water to keep it from turning grey.
2) Normally I don't use any cream in my recipe to keep things simple and healthy but since this is a cheese soup I did use a little bit of skin milk. Not the whole cup pictured here, I just poured in what I needed at the end and drank the rest. I am also using a store bought stock today (ran out of homemade stuff). I always go for the low sodium stuff. In this case a beef broth was used, you can use anything you like, chicken or vegetable are fine too.
3) Sauteing off the florets and then lightly steaming them with a little water at the end. Then they get set aside for later. As they get pan fried lightly I will just season with the tiniest amount of salt and pepper. You want to use the least amount of salt possible whilst still seasoning at each step. Keeping in mind that some cheeses have salt already.
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