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Broccoli and Cheese soup

This was a broccoli and cheese soup that I made a couple of days ago. It is fairly simple, no canned soup or cream used. I don't use any precise measurements, I just try to keep the proportions the same each time I cook. For example I ran out of small sized onions and only had a medium one left. So, I used half of it. I also prefer to use a nice cheese, in this case a piece of cheddar that I grated. You can use any cheese that you like, keeping in mind that something like mozzarella will be very stringy.

1) Just the basic ingredients laid out.
2) I cut of the florets from the stem of the broccoli.
3) Only half the onion is used in this case, the other half gets put into a container in the fridge (I will use it for something else).
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