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Ah yes the typical young male kitty...I've had a few of those. My 8 year old still has kitten moments. He has a thing for cupboard doors and I have elastics on most of them. He knows he can't open them but likes to bang them and be annoying. I found one of the best cat entertainment toys is one of those wands with the toy on the end. You can sit and fling it around and get him chasing and leaping. Better at tiring them out a bit then throwing a ball for him. My guys all love boxes and paper bags to hide in and sleep in. Still do, if I get a fairly large box pretty much as soon as I take whatever was in it out, I have a cat in it. Grow him some cat grass (oats) that will give him something to chew on. My one cat really enjoys the real chicken jerky you can get for dogs, he used to be a wire chewer before I got him. I think it was boredom, too much going on here for him to be bored.

My one cat also had a bit of an attitude and he loved fairly large stuffed toys and would attack and shred them..better that than my arms! Put some catnip on it and let him play with it. See if that helps. Give him something else to take his kitty aggression out on.
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