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I agree with Tundra when I saw this I immediately thought about a TV show I saw once with a family with unruly cats, so they created a cat room with climing apparatus and even carpetted the walls, although wall carpet might not be a great idea you could consider getting a big board and putting carpet on it and attaching it to the wall for stratching and climbing on and also adding a cat climbing apparatus with a up high area and bed for kitty to enjoy, some cats like to be up high so they can observe their surroundings, you could also hang some springy toys and crinkly things and other things like that to play with. It would not be expensive to get the small ammount of carpet that would be needed for a project like this and it could be lots of fun!
A window perch may also be appreciated by kitty so he has the oppertunity to look outside, and putting a bird feeder outside the window could add additional stimulation, its better then kitty TV.

Lazer pointers also = fun, good for lazy people

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