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It does sound like he needs a place to climb. I have a couple of cat trees in our house and also have one room that has wide shelves with outdoor carpeting on them so my two 8 month olds can get up there and run around. It wasn't hard to set them up and the carpeting on them is so they don't slip.

Also, sounds like u need to get an interactive toy to play with him, not just throwing a toy. He needs mental simulus like "hunting" a interactive toy will give him.You need to move the toy like it is prey.

I have heard that first they hunt, (interactive toy) then they eat, then they sleep.

A good book to read is Think Like a Cat by Pam Bennett Johnson...or Pam Johnson Bennett. Can never remember the order of her name, but she is a cat behaviourlist that has written quite a few books about cats and has good tips.

Good luck!

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