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okay i find this almost hard to believe that you guys would jump to conclusions like this and automatically assume that there is something seriously wrong with her puppy.

i have 2 pit puppies right now, similar to boxers, one is 7months the other is 4months.. before my 4month old (female) i had a 6 week old, she died of parvo, then a 5 1/2 week old a month later, also died of parvo a month after getting her...she was obsessed with wather..(btw during all this time I had my 7 month old, i got him first at 6 weeks, then started getting the females, then we moved on after that, learned a bit about parvo and how to get rid of it, then got a 3month old, she was adored water, but she was rather skiddish, and we were afraid she wud get scared when she was older and bite a child so we found a good home for her, the next one was the same was also 3months and loved water but skiddish.. our final one, turned out to be the most well-behaved and perfect pup ever.. but she also is obsessed with water, and so is my male, who has been since he was a baby baby..

So with my background being stated... I think since they are puppies they just love water, it just needs to be rationed and given to only when you are able to keep a full watch on them. They dont understand when they are full and cant really hold their bladder as well as a 4 year old would be able too..

this is why they tell you to give a cup of food per 10lbs, there is a reason for that, so they dont over eat, do the same with water, and take them outside as soon as they are finished and every15 minutes after that for about an hour. puppies are like children, they have to be watched and be forgiven for mistakes. and with her boxer being 10months.. id consider that still a puppy.. id consider a 2 year old still a puppy...

quit scaring the crap out of people, yes go to the vet if you are really concerned, but dont automatically jump and say your dog is going to die because it drinks to much water.

but if you know your dog and have had it for a long time, and its doing something that isnt normal, take it to the vet. my baby girl was sleeping more than normal and had a runny nose and i knew it wasnt normal, so i called the vet, turns out she had allergies bc of i gave her a benadryl so if you feel something is wrong, then get help.

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