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Good to hear from you, JDFlea! Looking forward to Shrek's update!

As to the xrays/CT scan...this is just my , so take it for what it's worth.

Xrays (whether regular or CT scan) can't tell you for sure if a mass is cancerous. In Priscilla's case, a vague mass showed up in an inaccessible place. To biopsy it would have meant removing a lot of bone from her face so we didn't follow up.

The xray did, however, tell us that there was something there...and in Priscilla's case, since the rhinoscopy was negative and there was no indication of a fungal infection, there was a high probability of it being cancer.

So xrays can be helpful in locating a mass--plus they're fairly inexpensive and can often be taken with the dog under just light sedation. Maybe you want to consider having regular xrays taken to see if a mass is present, juniorlover? If there's one there and it's accessible, a biopsy would give you an answer pretty quickly. If there's nothing showing, maybe there is just an awn stuck up in his nose and it can be flushed. At the very least, an xray might help you decide what direction to take.

A CT scan would give a more detailed picture, but is pretty pricey and you'd still have to follow up with a biopsy for a definite answer as to what is going on.

Your vet might have a different take on certainly doesn't hurt to ask about it.

How is the Vitamin K working? Junior still holding his own?
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