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Fingers Crossed

Hello Juniorlover,

Glad Junior is doing better!

I hope that it is a foreign body or something like a fungus that is treatable (Shrek's vet was hoping it was fungus and not a tumor). I haven't used vitamin K, but I hope it helps. The rhinoscopy can be quite costly and isn't pleasant, and I can understand why you wouldn't want to put Junior through it especially since he is an older boy already dealing with other ailments; but I know in Shrek's case it gave me closure to know for sure that we weren't dealing with something like a fungus or foreign body.

Hazelrunpack, you might be able to comment on this, or Juniorlover you could ask your vet...if a CT scan or x-ray be able to give any kind of helpful result without the rhinoscopy? Or would they be an added stress, cost, and not much use? (I know they're not as effective or conclusive as when they are used in conjunction with the rhinoscopy...but it was just a thought to perhaps get you more information incase you decided you didn't want to do the rhinoscopy.)

Like Hazelrunpack said, the humidifier can help, and when the bleeds start I don't know what I'd do without my cold compress!

I don't know if my post helped , but Junior sounds like a lovely and special boy. And we'll be thinking of you both.

p.s. Hazelrunpack, Shrek is still going! I'll write an update soon.

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