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so sad today

I just found out my old pal Junior has a nasal tumor. After reading all of your
sad accounts of this same affliction I have nearly used a full box of kleenex. Junior's nose started bleeding on March 6, just dripping and he was sneezing alot with some blood splattering. It went away after 24 hours and today he started again, same symptoms, I took him to my Vet and he thought it was probably a tumor. I am not going to put Junior through a scope and biopsy as I have read all of your stories. Also Junior just had a full dental and labs just 2 weeks ago, he has no other symptoms. I am afraid to go anywhere and leave him alone for fear he will be in distress and die alone. He is a nearly 14 year old Bassett. We couldn't ask for a more loyal or loveable friend. I am already missing him and haven't had to make the decision yet!
Junior has been through so much, he had vestibular syndrome in Sept. 07, and hasn't been able to take walks or use stairs for two years since he developed degerative disc and hip disease. We have ramps all around our house to accomodate him and carry his funny shaped body of 50 pounds as needed too! I'll stay posted to see if anyone has advise for me.
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