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Thumbs up Way to go 'Port Colborne, Ontario'!

A feral cat rescue group led by a Christie Mallinson-Vogel, I believe, put their case for a TNR program in Port Colborne (vs. the notably arcane and ineffective 'euthanasia solution'-HA-practised by most towns etc.) before town council recently, and received council support. Yay feral group , and good on Port Colborne, also .

(I think council gave the group a 5K grant or funding, but I'm a bit fuzzy on the details.)

I find the above development pretty inspiring; if a relatively small group of feral folk can accomplish THAT in a small town, it should give other not-so-forward-thinking places hope.

p.s. all the 'regulars' and Marko are my heroes too, goes without saying (I lost my password so often that Marko gave me one that I'll be able to remember even in a coma-with any luck, I won't be rendered comatose, but good to have a no-brainer p'wood anyway ):!!
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