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Roxy 1 year gotcha day

I just want to thank 4 people so very much. Without them this day never would have happened.
On March 9th 2008 a good friend of mine named Amanda came across roxy's profile on petfinder, and she sent it to me. I took a look, at first I was very hesitant because it showed not sure with children. Well I called Boubou, spoke to her for awhile, then 1 day later in a middle of a huge snow storm she met up with me at the shelter.
After about 5 mins, I was in love, she was so sweet, and docile, a perfect match for my crazy pup. AKA Harley.
On the way out I got stuck in a snow bank, ha ha, once again Thank you Boubou who helped me out.
A couple days later I was massaging her, I found some lumps, once again Called Boubou, With her and Suzieqt help we had that biopsy done. Thank you Frenchy for picking her up for me when I was unable to get there before closing.
A couple weeks later it was diagnosed as mammary cancer. Right then and there she was mine, not going anywhere.
It has been 1 full year on the 10th that she has cancer, and is not showing any signs of slowing down.

Thank you all for allowing this wonderful dog to enter my home and never leave. You guys are my heros
Boubou, Frenchy, Suzieqt and last but not least my friend amanda.

Here is the gotcha girlie.
Love ya roxy
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