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Unhappy German/shepard Akita mix also drinking alot of water

I have a german/shepard akita male. He is 13 1/2 years old. My other child, my best friend. He has been drinking alot of water especially at night about 8:30-12:30, drinking, going out, sometimes until 1:30 am sometimes 2:00 am. I also took him to vet, urine tests showed severe urine infection, i have had him on antibotic for 3 weeks. No better, actually worse. When he first started antibotic it helped for few days then became more & more of drinking water & going out. Every night he pee's in his sleep. 2 big floods. I have bought 3 different types of diaper/guards and male wraps but none work. First one was too small. Second one the guard was made more for a female dog. Now the 3rd one i bought last night fits but is very constricting. He fell after i put it on him. You see i should mention my dog has a spinal disease. No its not the same as hip displasia. It is called degenerative myelopathy. It eventually paralysis dog- they cant walk any more. There is no cure for it. Sometimes dogs get it at a slow pace-over the years but then some dogs, it hits them in months time. My dog started with it about 3 years ago-it wasnt that bad-he could walk and run-but his hind legs would give out sometimes and his back feet would drag a little bit. But now the past 4 months it really is hitting him. He falls alot, his feet curl under and make it hard to walk for few seconds. Ive read about it and it can make them loose there bowl and urinary use when the disease is really hitting them. My vet knows this but hasnt mentioned if thats the cause-instead he says we have to let him finish the antibotic, then for one week he has to be off and we'll do another urine cullture. My dog is generally feeling ok during the day, except day before yesterday, i tryed him on one of those urine leaking pills. What a mistake..i thought he was going to get a heart attack. Then last night or i should say this morning 4;30 am he woke me up breathing hard. He had peed on rug and when i did let him out again, he fell several times. Going out -then coming in. Today he feels bad, i know he does. I know when he does do accidents he puts his head down-like im sorry mommy-dont be mad at me..but i never yell at him-never had to his entire life, he has been such a gift to me--my best friend, i know his days are numbered now, i'm crying as i type..only people that are really close to their dogs can know how i feel. I am a stay at home mom, and this dog has always been a big part of my daily living. Everyone that knows him knew how he was so close to me--i use to have to take him in bathroom with me when i showered-cause he'd cry if i didnt-things like that. Well if anyone out there has any suggestions-or has ever been this route-or even a few nice words would help-thanks for listening-annie
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