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Leek and Potato soup

This is a pictorial recipe to my leek and potato soup. Please don't reply until I have loaded all the pictures up. On my last post after I am done, I will leave a little message so everyone will know that it is done.

All the ingredients are laid out on the table. The plastic tub in the back is some home made chicken stock I pulled from the freezer. There is two types of potatoes here because one is a more starchy type and the other one is more waxy. Just different flavours and textures. Please use whatever type you like.

Sometimes I will have bacon or even spam in the soup. But it is not necessary, just a little something different. If you want, ham, bacon or spam just fry them up before in the same pan and set aside for adding back into the soup later.

If you are a vegetarian you can also use vegetable stock instead of chicken stock.

1) Ingredients laid out: Leek, Potatoes, onion, garlic and stock (chicken).
2) Chop up the leek and wash well, they trap a lot of dirt. Salas spinners are very useful as you can spin the leek dry later.
3) Dice the onion, nothing fancy just do it however you like. Use a sharp knife or place the onion in the fridge before hand to prevent crying.
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