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Chateauguay, Quebec: Lost? Sheltie (miniature Collie)

At 5:45 PM today I was driving south on boul. Saint-Jean-Baptiste from the Mercier Bridge, on the way to the vet with my cat.
Near the corner of Marcel (near the plaza where A&W is), on the West side of St-Jean-Baptiste, I saw a distressed Sheltie who suddenly headed across the road into traffic. Two cars almost hit her by the time she (Thank God!) made it to the other side. I followed her for almost a half-hour as she ran, scared, through a maze of residential streets. Occasionally I got out of the car to try to call her and approach her. No luck! She'd just keep running. The last time I saw her was behind an apartment building on Turenne near the corner of Nobel. She left the parking lot and headed east on Turenne.
After I left the vet, about 6:30, I came back to the area and drove and walked for over an hour, with a long lead and a choke collar that I hoped to slip on her if I found her. No luck. This is so frustrating and sad, but I wanted to post this to give an idea where someone could put up posters and look for this scared and beautiful dog. I hope she turns up safe and sound!

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