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Thanks for all the suggestions everyone.

I haven't had any more weirdness so hope the problem is gone. I also fixed my startup problems by using msconfig. It seems that the Kodak EasyShare software was conflicting with PCTools AV so I unchecked it so it doesn't load anymore. So until something else goes wrong I'll just leave everything else alone.

DM, I did try TrendMicro Housecalls and the same problem as MalwareBytes .....will try them both again when I have more time.

Growler, the capital letters were happening with everything and it wasn't with every letter but it only lasted for a short time. And the sticky keys were not turned on.

Melinda, I use IE Privacy Keeper instead of CCleaner.

Otter, are all Trojans like that or just some of them? Do you know of a website that lists all the different Trojans and their threat levels?
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