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Hi there,
It started Thursday night... straight through until about noon on Friday...been great. nothing... now...tonight again she's started. same ordeal. but since we left, she has not "gagged" once. strange! (scary and upsetting for my husband and I. we don't know what to do. Our vet said:
1) bring her in, they'll sedate her and look down her throat see if there's a blockage -- $500 -- but IMO shes okay until she has an 'attack' playing and everyhting like normal...
2) wait it out.
3) bring her in we'll get her a rhinoscopy and see what comes out of that -- $1000+

We were at my parents house thursday when it started, and again tonight. We're going to keep her away from there for the next few days or week and see if there's any re-occurance. If not, maybe its something there. they just started some renovation so could be a dust thing? but it's scary!
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