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Originally Posted by DoubleRR View Post
LOVE your forum name--my guy loved the avro arrow and has always been p'od the program was stopped.

All the above advice is right--puppies have to learn bite inhibition, and OP's left the litter too soon so it is up to the new owner. Be consistent, pup will learn.
Thanks, Arrow was taken so I had to come up with something quick, even if it did date me.

I must say weíve had a remarkable improvement. I know itís only been a couple days but there are five of us and weíve been consistent throughout. We give a yelp and the gameís over! We stand up or get up on something, facing the pup with our nose in the air. Itís great to watch him come over and lay down in front of us.

Now he gets nippy at times which reminds me he needs to go out. Iím not sure if it was just a coincidence but itís worked out well all around.
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