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The Computer Dummy Needs Help Again

I came very close to pulling the plug again today.

When I started the computer up today and went to sign into my yahoo account the keyboard kept posting some letters/numbers in capitals but the cap lock key was not on.

I immediately thought friggin spyware again but when I ran both my antivirus (PC Tools) and my firewall scanners ( and also Ad Aware ....none of them found anything.

I also restarted my computer and then tried to download a different spyware program called Malwarebytes but couldn't get it to install as kept getting runtime error message about running out of memory.

I ended up going to Add/Delete Programs and getting rid of it.

We had to go into town so I put the computer into "hibernate mode" and when I started it up again everything seems okay least it is typing properly but still seems to be "slow".

The "Trojan" I just got rid of was called Trojan QHost.T and my antivirus scanner said it quarantined and deleted it.
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