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Red face Re: Gomez' Hacking

My dog has been diagnosed (last night at the 24 hr emerg vet) as a reverse sneeze.

At firs when I was reading this forum, i thought - hey - maybe she does have it. but then when I saw that hacking is not a characteristic of it...i thought - oh - maybe she doesn't.

My dog looks like she's hiccuping, sounds like she's dry heaving, and her throat/trachea is expanding when she does it. She looks like she's in pain, sounds painful, and sometimes gag's when "its over". Last night she actually threw up. This is the 3rd time she's done this, and the worst.

Vet gave us Hycodan to soothe her throat, but I read that this med is for Kennel Cough...

She does subside with throat rubs and soothing voices - but it goes on for a long time. Over night she was even snoring louder than any human I've ever heard before!!

started at 930 last night -- reapetedly for about 20 mins, then was about every 10-20, now it's approx hourly... 3-5 "heaves"...

Anyone heard of this before?!

She still has an appetite, still active if she's approached with a ball or "play time stance".
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