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Cujo pup is adopted!!

Cujo has found a new home.

The little emaciated Boston Terrier-pug rescued by the Toronto Humane Society two weeks ago has been adopted by a family that came forward after Cujo's story garnered media attention.

After Cujo's photo ran on the frontpage of the Toronto Sun, the society was swarmed with adoption applications. Society senior communicator Ian McConachie said they settled on a family in the Beaches as the dog's new family.

Cujo was pulled from a downtown apartment where he was tied to a cupboard door, sitting in urine and feces, without food or water to nourish him.

“All of us here at the Toronto Humane Society were sad to see Cujo and his lively personality leave the shelter, as we will all miss him dearly, but we are all happy to know that he has found the perfect family to take him into their lives and their home.” lead cruelty investigator Tre Smith said in a release from the society.

Vets determined Cujo was well enough to leave the shelter over the weekend. His kidney functions and red blood cell count had returned to normal and he has gained a few kilograms.

He arrived at the shelter weighing only 3.7 kg, a dog of his size should be 9 to 11 kg.

Story here
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