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If she likes raw(mine don't)I would go for that for sure..I can give them a couple of little chunks of raw beef,or chicken,but they only eat very little,Chico not at all.
As for the pill,for a long time now,I put a drop of water in his bowl and mash the pill with one tbsp of food and he'll lap it all up,whatever goes on the side of the dish,I scrape down,to make sure he gets all of the pill.
After that he gets the rest of the food,I have had no problems.
Apparently the Tapazole has a terrible taste.
When I gave Rocky antibiotics,it came in a small capsule,it was very easy just to drop it in his mouth.
I too was told the enlarged Thyroid does not hinder his breathing.
"The cruelest animal is the Human animal"
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