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I am worried maddie's thyroid(s) is larger than normal too...I can't see it, but I can 'see' her purring and I don't think I ever used too (but, then again, perhaps I am now 'looking' for things

I did ask the doc about the size and if could possibly block the airway and she said no...not sure if she meant no for me or no in general...maybe they grow 'out' away from the airway and not in...

Well, I thought I had given her her medicine last night, but this morning, there it was peering out from two pieces of pill pocket. I don't know how I missed it last night and it didn't look digested (like it came back up later), I was really tired, but I don't miss things like that. Well, evidently I do.

Anyway, I just gave it another try..this time I placed half the pill on her plate, ran a fork under water and began to make a bitter pill soup...I was surprised and just how little it was (certainly I can sneak this past her), added some wet food, just a bit to make sure she ate it ALL and she pretty much did I think..I added some more and mixed it some more and she ate that up too...there are always remnants of the food on the sides, but I am thinking positive that she ingested it all..

The only thing is, it was a new flavor of wet, so that could be the reason it was hidden well, time will tell...
I am definitely going to have to keep a steady supply of variety...the thing is I only feed wellness grain free...another thing to research...other grain free...well there is NV I think I feed raw and may even make something one of these days...!
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