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Good Morning


Thought I would post our numbers, which we received last night:

BUN 21
Creatinine 1.2
Phosphorus 5.2
USG 1.011 (still waiting on culture results for UTI, etc. - find out on Tuesday)
T4 9.9

So, on Thursday night, after much research, I was pretty convinced about the Radioactive Iodine treatment, and then I slowly started changing my mind...decided to give it a go with the meds, hoping to tweak out a small dosage to control the HyperT...We are started on 2.5 mg twice a day, we just had our first pill a bit ago and I'm watching her every move, hoping for few side effects

I can't remember exactly what changed my mind about the meds, it is early and I'm still trying to 'catch up' on all the sleep missed this past week

I am wondering if it is possible to find a dosage where we retain the 'good' of HT - blood flow through kidneys and get rid of the 'bad' - they probably go together of course; I will next spend some time researching the meds, what they do exactly, is it a naturally occurring substance in the body (probably not. that probably sounds naive. but let me have my moment of naivety!), if there are any long term studies on the effects, etc.

There is also the issue of the 'type' of cat she is too.

And I may just need to incorporate liver health into her long term diet, to help as much as possible with ickiness of meds...hopefully the liver diet and the kidney diet will be similar, because I am definitely going to treat her as if she has crf (and she may very well, we will see soon hopefully...).

And we can always change our mind. I am sure she will wise up to me trying to sneak a pill in twice a day. The doc also mentioned a pharmacy here that will make it into a liquid and you can pick pretty much any type of flavor you want...

That is all for now. I hope you all are well, I think of you and your furry loved ones throughout the day...

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