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My 10 months Kitty.

I have read the complete post and am sorry for everyone who have seen their cat's go through this pain, caz I have a 10 months kitten 'KITTY' and she recently has had the same problem, therefore I can imagine how painful it is to see your cat in such a state. However few details here; my 10 months old kitty was perfectly fine till yesterday and all of sudden she started rolling on the floor and immediately I noticed something wrong with her back legs (hind legs) we were at shock first and thought that shes got a paralysis attack, but after reading this post I think I have found the cause; since my cat is not allowed to go out of the house I am assuming the cause could be an improper diet (me being careless and feeding her adult cat food since last month or so) hence rise in blood glucose, or may be some nerve damage thing. I am more then sure its not physical damage that she has suffered.

I have immediately changed her diet from Me-O (adult) cat food to Me-O (kitten) ocean fish flavoured food and few improvements are seen. I am intending to take her to the vet after few more days only if situation gets worse, but before that I am checking her diet and reading everything and anything on forums. Is it ok for me to feed her with calves liver? since it is high in B-12 vitamins?

Will update more soon.


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