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Originally Posted by Mad Catter View Post
i'll keep you all posted tomorrow evening when i get my actual values from the definitely wanting to do the Radioactive Iodine Treatment for her will kill me to think of her all alone for at least a week (maybe less ), but i think it will be less stress on her in the long run (this is, of course, assuming she is a sounds as though it is standard protocol to try meds first..?) we shall see.
for the test results

As for the treatment for HyperT there are 4 options: Medication, Surgery, RaId, and Homeopathic Remedies. I wasn't seeing a Homeopath Vet at the time Duffy was diagnosed w/HyperT (2005) so I wasn't aware of that option. Duffy was never on any meds for it since she was caught early & in otherwise excellant health. It was my decision to go straight for the RaId though the cost is quite steep up front but when you compare it to a lifetime of testing & meds it is actually cheaper in the long run. Alot of cats are put on meds first in order to stabilize the Thyroid values then look at either surgery or RaId, however many are just treated w/meds and do great. There are not very many clinics that do the procedure since it is very specialized, the standard minimum stay is one week, some very sick kitties however do need to stay an extra week. If faced with the same situation I would either go for Homeopathic Remedies or RaId, my Homeopath Vet doesn't like the RaId treatment because it's obviously not a natural solution given that it releases radioactive iodine into the body to kill the abnormal cells, where as the remedies work to fix the cause of the imbalance. My previous Homeopath vet has a senior kitty with HyperT and she is being treated with a specific Homeopathic Remedy and she is doing great.
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