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Murph's Mom,your back..I've missed you.

Well my sister has a border collie Abagail.Abby for short.And yes,you really need to socialize them with other dogs/puppies.It is very important for him.And they really need to keep busy.Abby used to nip especially your ankles.It's what they do when they heard.Guess it's in their blood.It's like she was hearding us.As for the off leash,as long as he is doing this,I would just keep him on a long leash for now.Untill his nipping stops.All you need is for him to do that to a dog and the dog attacks him.This way you can stop it before it's to late.What do you do or say when he starts to nip?Have you tried saying "no bite" when he does?Try that.And when he stops praise him like crazy.Keep doing that.He has to learn that he is not allowed to do that.Say it in a stern voice.As for the kids pans or arms.It takes time for them to learn a command.You can't just say it without showing them what you mean.If that made sense.LOL.
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