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Thank You

so much for writing back with all that detailed info. I am going to print it out and use it as a reference...'Duffy's CRF Diet'

you should really have a blog you know...
not only for all the information you provide to so many people, but you also mention many products, so you could always link to them...(and in turn earn a profit!)

i'll keep you all posted tomorrow evening when i get my actual values from the definitely wanting to do the Radioactive Iodine Treatment for her will kill me to think of her all alone for at least a week (maybe less ), but i think it will be less stress on her in the long run (this is, of course, assuming she is a sounds as though it is standard protocol to try meds first..?) we shall see.

one of the hardest parts of caring for an animal companion is that they don't understand english (or whatever language you speak) (imagine that) i can't just say 'i'll be back in a week, you stay positive and eat and drink well, the faster the radiation levels come down, the sooner you get to come home. we'll do something special when you come you have that to look forward to...'

nope. can't do that. for that week, they think that is what the rest of their life is going to be like (or at least i imagine that is what they think).

ok. just wanted to pop in and say thanks for taking the time to post d's diet...

p.s. my full name is madison alex (maddie), but i use mad catter for my online persona
(my mom's name is heather)
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