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Hello Chris and Chico

I will keep checking back...still don't have my numbers, getting them tomorrow early evening. They are doing a urine culture because the diluted urine really might be a UTI, my kidney values are ok (again, I find out details tomorrow), but my T4 is high -- I definitely have hyperthyroidism and doc has already mentioned meds. This really threw me. I was expecting a much more dire call. However, I know hyperthyroidism can mask kidney values, so I haven't run into the street to celebrate. And now I must learn all I can about HT (is that the correct acronym?) and how it relates to kidney function, how HT meds impact kidney values and function, etc. Regardless, I am going to continue to treat her as if she has crf/arf, etc. because it is so common in older cats and it appears HT and crf are very closely related...I will most likely study up on HT tonight, though I am exhausted emotionally and thus, physically and might veg...or (had to get a smilie in there!)...

I uploaded a pic, but it doesn't appear on my posts, perhaps it just takes awhile. I made an album and it is there...

talk soon...

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