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Buzz's Time had come.

Last night I took my boy for his final visit at the vets.

I was away on business for three days and my wife had been telling me he was getting worse, but was keeping from me how much worse.

Anyway, got home real late on Tuesday night and his tumor had grown to four times the size it was on sunday. He was struggling, seemed lethargic and he had been losing weight.

It was time.

My beautiful and amazing wife made a wonderful blanket for Buzz. Ironing on pictures of all of us and him, and stitching on "we love you buzz" in nice raised letters.

We got to the vet who had a special room set aside for us... We cuddled and held him on that blanket as he was finally at peace.

It's hard.. so hard.

But as he slowly went to sleep I thought of all the wonderful times and joy we shared and whispered to him about how much we all loved him...

When he was gone, he was so beautiful. Finally at peace. Just the beautiful yellow lab with the yellow eyes that I love.

It was the hardest "right" thing i've ever done in my life.

Thanks everyone for you kind words.

Buzz we all love you.
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