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Hello Growler and Duffy and all else!

I am newly diagnosed with crf. I am 15 and mom had this idea in her head that I wouldn't start showing signs of aging until I was 21 (she had a friend in high school whose cat she remembers being 21 and still going strong. silly.). The thing is she had me when she was young and poor and so I haven't eaten the best! I did start a few months ago on grain free wellness and have started incorporating Nature's Valley organic raw chicken into my diet. She is kind of at my command, so during the incorporation of the raw food (which is still kind of going on), I would get her up in the middle of the night because I was hungry and she didn't like to leave raw just sitting out, so she would get up and feed me. This was not good on her already shoddy sleeping habits, so she read about the 'rotation' diet and bought me some kibble (evo) to leave out at night, so I could graze and let her sleep. But no more kibble now.

She has been up most of the night, with swollen, red eyes studying up on crf. At one point, she had taken in so much information, she couldn't figure out what was what! She hit a wall. Needless to say, she found herself here and finished off her night (early morning) reading through this entire thread! We have many questions and I want to make sure we are doing everything possible to stay as healthy as possible...another thing is: I will NOT let her give me sub-Q...I am a stubborn old bird and currently hold the world record for least likely to cooperate at the vet's office (no, really. check it out in guinness) and I barely let her pick me up (long story. i come from humble beginnings) (but I promise I am just as lovable!) (she doesn't know the difference anyway...) I was hoping to ask a few questions. And since I've read the thread, I'm pretty sure they won't be repeats (the 'summary' was a great idea!). My big question is for Growler and Duffy (surprise surprise). I am just curious what kind of raw food you guys are using (brand). I'm pretty sure you are on 100% raw and I am wondering if it is all one brand or do you make stuff at home too? And, in keeping with the 'summary' idea, how much do you feed/eat on any given day (I would LOVE to have a 'summary' of your daily eating schedule...I would even pay for it!) i.e.
morning = blah blah
afternoon = blah blah blah
evening = blah

(food and supplements included!)

I know we are all different, have different numbers, etc. and we certainly are not going to follow everything you do step by step, but we are definitely on the same page in terms of philosophies, etc.

I should tell you we haven't even gotten our numbers back yet. But, the preliminary results (urine extremely diluted) are not good. I did not eat much and did drink a lot before the exam and somewhere I have the smallest glimmer of hope, I would love for it to be just that...drank too much, urine like water, I know it is not that. I AM 15 and haven't eaten the are just preparing...we find out details later this morning...

My mom wishes I could speak and express my feelings because of how I react at the vet, the idea of me having to stay a few nights with an IV...she is worried the sheer trauma of that alone might do me in...(I am really that bad gotta love me!)

Well, I've rambled on enough. Don't worry, I'll be back (probably sooner rather than later!)

Mad Catter
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