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VERY IMPORTANT, don't go over board with the stock. You want to taste the Pumpkin not the stock. I used just over a cup (~300 ml of stock).

1) Once the pumpkin are nicely roasted. Place into the stock, use a fork (good way to also test if the pumpkin is done).
2) Cover the pumpkin with water, you want the pumpkin totally immersed in liquid. Since it will reduce a little when you shimmer it.
3) Put the lid on and let it shimmer for a while, until the pumpkin is really tender and almost falling apart (maybe 10-15 minutes).
4) Put into blender and blend it until smooth.

PS. An immersion blender would be best but I don't have the money to get one so I just use a regular blender.
PPS. Amount of stock used would also be dependent on the size of pumpkin used. I had a small pumpkin this time, hence a medium sized onion and a little over a cup of stock.
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