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Wonder pooch recovers

Cujo the rescued Boston terrier-pug spent Family Day with his new kin at the Toronto Humane Society.

The emaciated puppy has gained a kilo in the week since society investigators pulled him from a downtown apartment where he was tied to a cupboard door, sitting in urine and feces, without food or water to nourish him.

It didn't take the little pooch long to wolf down a can of dog food at the River St. shelter yesterday. He gobbled up the grub in less than five minutes, give or take the fact the dish kept sliding on the floor. After that he was back to sniffing anyone standing around him, looking for a quick pat on the head or a tummy rub.

Lead cruelty investigator Tre Smith said the emaciated puppy has become a fast favourite of volunteers at the shelter.

"He's quickly become the Toronto Humane Society mascot," Smith told the Sun.

Everyone is fighting over the chance to take Cujo for walks, he's going on about 10 a day, he added.

Despite the exercise, the high protein, strict-food intake regimen is working.

Cujo, who they suspect is around a year old, now weighs 4.8 kilos up from the 3.7 kilos when he came in.

"He's doing better," Smith said. "We're trying to get some weight back on him.

"He's surprisingly very, very happy and very energetic despite the kind of conditions we found him in."

Since the Sun first reported Cujo's story Saturday, the society has received almost 60 offers of adoption. Whether the pup can be adopted will be determined in the next few weeks, as he regains his weight and undergoes a full assessment.

Mental health issues are still being considered in whether charges will be laid, investigators said, adding the 27-year-old owner freely surrendered Cujo to the Humane Society.

While Cujo's owner told Smith he had only tied him up because workers were coming to the apartment, "the animal was likely housed there 24/7 in this small area," Smith said. The apartment had clothes and garbage scattered about.

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