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Originally Posted by Kahne9Lover View Post
Hi. I'm very sorry to read about your plight. You said your furbaby is on glucosomine supplements. You might want to read the ingredients on the bottle. My Maya is highly allergic to wheat. After her knee surgery, I was given a bottle of glucosomine from the vets. After one dose, she was completely broken out etc. I freaked and ripped off the prescription label and discovered it contained wheat. (when I called the vet, he was so angry at himself for overlooking it, he couldn't say sorry enough) Many kinds of pill supplements contain flavoring, etc. to make them more enticing to the animal. I now have one that you mix with water and pour over the food that is wheat free. It may not solve your problem, but since you have to be so careful, you might want to at least check it out for any known allergens.
Just saw your post today and quickly checked the glucosamine label - no wheat! Whew - because there's a good chance he is sensitive to it!
Thank you..
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