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You will not be able to do any of the things you're worried about:
How do I feed her?
And how can I make sure she doesn't get bored, or feel neglected?
And how can I make sure she will do her stuff in the designated area?

unless you are able to find someone---friend, relative, neighbour----who can babysit your pup during your school hours & working hours of your parents.

This little 2 mo. old puppy is a baby. A baby cannot be left alone, unfed, unsupervised. A person who did that and got found out would be reported to authorities who would remove the child for its own protection.

Little pups can get themselves in a lot of trouble just playing around that can be dangerous. I remember one time I had a young kitten that got itself tangled in looped fringe and almost strangled itself....if I had not been there to resuce it, I would've had a dead kitten.

The breeder should've made sure you and your parents were knowledgeable about what is required to raise such a young pup. If breeder didn't ask questions as to whether you or your parents or someone was going to be at home with the pup 24/7, the breeder was very negligent and didn't really care about the pup, more than likely just in it for the $$$. A reputable breeder knowing your circumstances would never have sold the pup to you.

keep us posted.
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