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Hi Liana, you've taken on a big responsiblity with your new puppy. LittleMonster has given you some good advice. If you stick to those rules and you are consistent you and your puppy will have the reward of a good puppy who will learn to potty where you want him/her to. I hope your Mom - Dad and familly will help you with the puppy but, you should all follow the same rule so not to confuse your puppy. You'll need to remember that because the puppy is small he/she will have to potty almost every two hours, so you have to watch and see that he/she uses the puppy pads. If you want your puppy to potty outside, the same rules apply; you have to make sure that the puppy goes out on a regular schedule. It takes time; let us know how things are goiing, I'm sure your going to take good care of your puppy and that you'll teach him/her to behave properly. I'm sure your parents will be proud of the good training you give your puppy. Good luck
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