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Originally Posted by krdahmer View Post
I do have one question though about something you mentioned there in the update.... about poop... I had always thought that the hard dark poo was good, but you mentioned it as being dry, which I never thought of before... Smoke's poo has always been small and hard and dry, does this mean she's not been getting enough fluids for years? Since she's been eating mostly wet food these last few weeks I've noticed a big change in her poop, it's larger and not so dry (but formed, firm and healthy looking like everyone else's here). I never really related the size to moisture, I've always just figured they were so small because she's never been a big eater.
Relatively hard, but not too hard, dark poop is good. Duffy has occasionally had dry bits in hers which are much lighter in colour and sometimes a little difficult to pass but that is due to her kidneys pulling as much moisture from everywhere as they can to redistribute to the rest of the body.

Smoke's poop likely was hard & dry because she was on dry food right? Not enough moisture in the food to begin with especially if she's not a big water drinker. Now she's on canned FF right? so the fillers are higher = more poop volume.

Poop size doesn't relate to moisture as far as I know, more on the amount of non-nutrient waste that is not absorbed nor used by the body.
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