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Liana, welcome to the forum!

As was said before, Maggie is WAY too young to be left alone. Another thing is, you cnnot expect to train her within one or two days, it takes a long time, a lot of patience and persistance, as well as know-how. She needs contstand supervision.

Basically, just to break it down for you: you are now replacing her mommy, her siblings and are practically the ONLY thing that she kind of knows. She will be very unhappy left alone, and she can get in trouble. she can and will chew on things, damage things and generally make trouble, if left without anyone watching over her.

Potty training is a process. If you expect it to take one day - it will NOT happen. Yes, some breeders keep the puppies going in one spot, but that spot will not be where they sleep and eat and it will not be a permanent solution. Can you imagine the smell in your room if she will pee and poo there ALL THE TIME? the smell will penetrate clothes, walls, carpets etc..

What I would suggest is that you URGENTLY start reading on things and catching up on information, how to do it...But also arm yourself with A LOT of patience. It will not happen overnight. What you have right now is a baby. A tiny baby. Not a fully trained, adult dog, which even then would have a problem staying at home alone, but a baby! Would you leave a human baby alone?

Good luck! I hope you don't get discouraged...
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