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That summary is a great idea, so that newbies with this issue could get the main pointers and advice quick and easy (this is a long thread)!

And I am so glad that purdy Duffy is still doing great!! She's one lucky kitty to have such a devoted mom!!!

I do have one question though about something you mentioned there in the update.... about poop... I had always thought that the hard dark poo was good, but you mentioned it as being dry, which I never thought of before... Smoke's poo has always been small and hard and dry, does this mean she's not been getting enough fluids for years? Since she's been eating mostly wet food these last few weeks I've noticed a big change in her poop, it's larger and not so dry (but formed, firm and healthy looking like everyone else's here). I never really related the size to moisture, I've always just figured they were so small because she's never been a big eater.
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