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Could a kind somone summarize?

Growler, I'm glad to read that things are going well for you and your Duffy. You sound like a very caring and careful mom to Duffy.

After losing my little one in December, I took my other 16 y.o. cat Molly to a new vet for a wellness exam. All looks good except that she is in the early stages of renal compromise (U.S. values: phosphorus normal at 3.9; bun elevated at 59; creatinine elevated at 3.6 -- CDN values, if I've done the calculations correctly: phosphorus 1.26, bun 19.28, creatinine 318.24 ... do the conversions look right?). The vet said to transition her to a low protein, renal support diet. As her phosphorus is okay, he didn't mention lower phosphorus (he might have been implying it by suggesting a "renal support" diet), but it sounds as if I should be avoiding higher phosphorus foods, too. I'm assuming that 7% - 10% is lower protein, which means that most of the wet Wellness and Nature's Variety meat versions are a-okay so that I can continue giving them to her, perhaps supplementing them with additional water (I should avoid the fish versions though, no?). We plan to recheck her in 3 months, unless problems develop sooner, and will consider subcutaneous fluids then if needed.

My question: I've read through this very useful thread but am sure I've missed something. Would some kind soul consider summarizing (a) what are the best wet foods with lower protein and low phosphorus, (b) what are acceptable dry foods to use, and (b) what are other treatment recommendations for early renal compromise elderly cats?

The summary would be great as a sticky!
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