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Hi Liana and welcome to the board.

Congratulations on you new puppy though I have to say I hope you did not pay that breeder too much for you mixed breed pup and I especially hope that your puppy is indeed at least 8 weeks old. I also hope that you have found a good vet and that you have an appointment set for you new furbaby.

Is there a reason why you are trying to train your dog to potty inside in a "litter box" for lack of a better word? Is going outside not an option?
Whatever the reason, it sounds like you are asking the dog to potty where she eats/sleeps and that is not going to happen. If she must go inside it should be in another area away from where she eats/sleeps. Also, remember, she is ONLY A BABY and you have only had her for one day...potty training can take weeks and months!!!! I hope you are prepared

Who is going to be home with the dog while you are at school from 8-3? A dog that age can not be left for longer than 2 hours, 3 max. Have you made arrangements for this? Whoever is staying home with her should be letting her out or guiding her to the litter box after she has eaten, woken up or played.

Is this the first family dog? There is a lot of information on this site so I hope you can peruse it.

Good luck with your new Maggie and please post pics soon.
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