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Exclamation My FIRST!

Hi there!

My name's Liana I'm 16 years old...yesterday I bought my first puppy, Maggie, she's a Maltese Shih-poo mix and she's 8 weeks old.

The breader lived quite far from where I live so on the way home of the 2 hours drive Maggie was vomiting quite a bit.

Anyway, my biggest concern right now is training her and leaving her when I have to go to school and my parents to work.

Since this is my first puppy I really don't know how to train her.
I did as much research as I can, but I can't seem to be executing the tips I learned the way I want it...especially when it comes to potty training.
She has been peeing and pooing anywhere but the spot we designated for her to do her stuff.

In her "room" which is a walk-in closet, there is her bed, her food and water bowl, and a low cardboard box with newspaper in it (her designated spot).
I wait 15-20 minutes after she drinks or eats, and then I put her in the box and wait for her to do her stuff. She doesn't seem to understand and when she tries to leave I say "No, Maggie!" and she stays. After waiting a few minutes she just sleeps in the box.

When she has accidents I try to point at it and say "No!" and try to make her snif it, but she seems to think it's a game.

Another thing is I'm worried about leaving her by herself when I go to school, from 8 a.m to 3 p.m.
How do I feed her?
And how can I make sure she doesn't get bored, or feel neglected?
And how can I make sure she will do her stuff in the designated area?

I really don't know what to do anymore, I need ALL the suggestions and advice I can get. It's only been day one but I want her to get into good habits as soon as possible.

Thanks in advice!!
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