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I can not thank you enough for letting me know about that board! I have been searching for what seems like forever and just have never come across one specific to BC's.

When I didn't here back from woof99 I just continued to do some research. Most of it said just what you have - more doggies the better! I now make sure that Murphy spends more time with a number of puppies and dogs and have cut down on the time he spends with our neighbour's dog.

He just graduated from puupy class and started Obedience 1 today. After that it's on to agility! I have also found that because he is smart boredom sets in very quickly so we altered the way we were doing some things (how many toys were out at a time, which route we will take when walking him) and things are going great.

I do have one question - any way I can get him from nipping at my childrens pant legs and arms? We have tried the "leave it" and "off" commands and neither seem to be working. Any suggestions?
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