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Originally Posted by BusterBoo View Post
You have no idea how many times I have come close to getting another tzu....just not sure I could handle two right now
I hear ya. When I got Oksana, I'd only really just been thinking about a playmate for Vlad. When the vet said they had kittens in their kennels after taking Vlad for one of his vaccines, I wasn't sure I was ready for two. After I saw her, I knew I'd be bringing her home. When I came upon Maks and Kiska, it hadn't even occurred to me to even get another cat, much less two! And Czari, well she also just sort of happened.

I guess when the time is right, it will just happen.
There are only two rules at my house: House rule #1. Cats rule. House rule #2. See rule #1.
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