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The reason I aired my dirty Laundry like that is simple.
It was getting to the point that I was beginning to come accross as an irresponsible backyard PITBULL breeder, who is on here basically collecting animals for God only knows what.

I mean when peole just post another thread from me to add fuel to the fire, I felt I had to defend myself.

Then based on that, I'm reading poeple write "I would NEVER EVER give you an animal of any sort" that hurts :sad: . We're all here to help animals. Like I said before, I have a list of animals I'm searching for.

A Lab Puppy - for a customer
A small breed dog - for my friends son
A Pit-bull - for my brother
A cat or 2 - for my best friend
Everyday that list grows when my phone rings looking for some other specific animal. Just last weekend, we sent my boss down to Michigan to meet a Bull Terrier we'd been serching for, for his family. He went down Saturday morning, and Saturday afternoon, came home with his new 5yr old female Bull Terrier.
This is why I'm here everyday, and why no matter what anyone writes about me, I will defend myself & my kids.
2 Female American Red-Nosed Pit-Bull Terriers:
Whinnie Age 3
Boo-Boo Age 1 1/2
2 Medium Haired All Black Cats:
Robert Age 1 1/2
Mango Age 2 1/2
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