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Wink sorry again

Lucky Rescue,

I'm sorry for going off the handle, I'm just so frustrated at poeple who get on and make a point of throwing fuel in the fire, and not contributing any new or useful information to the thread (not directed at you).
I do not deny that it was irresponsible of MY EX to let her out and about in the day, that she may have gotten pregnant, but I also resolved that problem by Kicking him out, and seeking medical advice for Boo. Simply because I chose my kids, they did not choose me, I have to be the best Mommy I can by keeping them safe, even if its costs me my marriage. But, everyone must understand I work all day, and I believed they were safe with him. They are never unattended, ever. We do not have a yard they can safely play in unattended, so we go everywhere with them. That was the hardest part of this, since he denied that she could've gotten pregnant. Now, that I know she's not pregnant, I've kicked out my husband over lack of trust, how do you think I feel?
Regardless of how I feel, my kids are safe & happy & due for Spaying A.S.A.P
And again, I am sorry, but now that all the details of what I'm doing on this site have been cleared up, there's a few people in particular (again, not directed @ you) who do owe, not only me, but others a serious apology. Because I challange almost anyone to show that they love and care and spoil their pets as do I. I can also refer you all to at least 10 rescues in my area, that speak to me nearly daily in my search for wanted pets. Like I mentioned earlier, I understand this is a forum for posting opinions, but most opinions do not have a leg to stand on. The more people we all upset, the less people are going to visit this site, leaving no one to suffer, but all these fur babies I thought we were all here to help.
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