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to clear up the confusion

My husband and I split, he would've been the one who got Boo pregnant, which we now know she wasn't. We split because I was afraid that he had Boo out too soon, and was obviously not being responsible for her, or she wouldn't have gotten pregnant. Whinnie & Boo are my life and they rely on me to keep them safe. He was not, so I had to decide, him or them. Obviously, I chose them!! They need me to make their decisions, and he should have been responsible for my babies when he had them out and I was working. He broke the trust I gave him, and the girls trust if something like that had happened. To make matters worse, he damn near cleaned out our bank account, which is why an abotion was just not possible. Now that I've aired my dirty laundry, does everyone feel better??????????

Now, By "Girlfriend" I mean "Friend" who is a "Girl". Who is actually a registered Vet technician. Up until I married, my "girlfriend & I" lived together with all our Kids. Scrapper, Salem, Amber & my Whinnie. Then we went seperate ways. I took Whinnie & she took her 3. Since then, Scrapper has passed, Amber is Sick and Salem is getting worse. I have Whinnie & now Boo.
I fear that my girlfriend will be childless within the next few months. I don't want to see that happen, because it will kill her.
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