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My brother has wanted a Pit-bull since I can remember, I've also made him spend the last year proving that he had what it takes, but helping out with my 2 and learning what he needs to know. Now, as for Whinnie & Boots, Whinnie is fixed, she is Boo's Mother. Boo-Boo is not fixed, because 2 years from now I was intending on Breeding her (properly). Then recently, the BSL started and it is almost mandatory to have them spade. At the time, there was nothing wrong with wanting to be a breeder, which we did. Plan to buy a farm, get a kennel licence. Now, it is no one business the details of how Boo would've gotten pregnant, but at that time an abortion was just not possible, and since I had no idea how or when she bred, I had no idea how long. There was also a mis-diagnoses on her Pregnancy, luckily I took her for an ultrasound to get to those details. Just the same as a few months ago, when my brother saw "Skye" on the net, and I e-mailed you a few times for her, but was too late. I've passed up numerous dogs, simply because we were not compatable for one reason or another. But, if I have an opportunity to help another animal, why not? But the attitude of everyone on this site will not stop me from helping animals, it will just stop me from helping these animals. Best of luck.
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