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Well, I am pleased to hear that you're Boo is alright and that she's not pregnant.
I am surprised to see that you're post was directed entirely to me... when you come on a public forum discussing your animals people have the right to respond their opinion, wether you agree with it or not, sorry, that's the way it is... I have not said that you were a bad pet owner. I bet you do love those dogs..BUT being responsible includes spaying and neuturing your animals. Sorry if you don't agree, but I'm sure that many people working with animals and in vet offices would agree, and they are the experts...

People that "care 100%" about their animals keep them safe and healthy by spaying and neuturing; there are health implications to not having this procedure done! By not spaying your dogs you're furthering the heartache by bringing more unwanted animals into the world, your creating more pain and suffering for those animals waiting in shelters to get homes.

You should be aware that buy a pet as a gift is as dangerous as "free to a good home". Some people are not as receptive as others, and would probably be more then happy to be the one to select the animal that they will be obligated to care for. Just a thought.
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