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Exclamation lavenderrott

Well, so full of judgement, but not reading details, Nala, I inquired about for my brother, not myself. Thats first. Second, I found a good home for Winnie, the cat, That was not with myself, but apparently everyone missed that. You're all so much better? I really am not a cat person, I just tried to do my part for a cat that was treatened to be put down THAT day. Whether she lived with me, or my girlfriend, she would've lived. What is more important to everyone on this site. That she lives, or whether she's living with 2 Pit-bulls??
Bets of luck to you all, rather then spending time trying to help those so far out of my reach, I'll help those locally. And sorry if I'm being rude, But a lot of those on this site, need to stop being so judgemental, and jumping the gun without important details, like how did I not know MY dog was pregnant???? Very good reason, I am married, and My husband is home with them all day. If it matters, this recent development made me kick him out of the house, simply because I thought he had broken my trust with my child. I jumped the gun on him, and now look where I am now. To top it all off, I've got everyone telling me what a horrible person I am, based on a few sentences I type a day.
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